“Why Buy Local?” Explainer Video

Project Overview


In the supposedly recovering US economy where it seems that almost everything is made in China, it’s refreshing to become aware of American-made products. This video project is about the importance of buying local. This one minute video shows the viewer various ways we can contribute to our community by only shopping for local products. Instead of contributing to the massive trade deficit, buying from small, local businesses is the best investment of our consumer dollars. These companies are the ones that are bucking the trend of a seemingly endless stream of imports.


I chose to explore this topic for a video because it speaks to a wide range of audiences. I initially planned the animation workflow, gathered all the graphics I would use and recorded the voice. The first part of the video briefly outlines the purpose of the video. I drew a farm graphic in Illustrator to emphasize the quality and freshness of local products. The wavy flowing banner is made by using the bezier warp and bulge tools. The windmill rotation is created by looping the circle 360 degrees seamlessly. The same effect is also used at the fourth scene for the biker’s wheels.


Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects


January 24, 2017




Advertisement, After Effect, Explainer, promo video